MTR900 Series
  Master UPS 10KVA - 20KVA
•  Smart RS232 with monitoring software
•  True online double conversion design providing all     power protection
•  Advanced battery management
•  Fully digitized microprocessor control
Model MTR910 MTR915 MTR920
Capacity 10KVA / 7KW 15KVA / 10.5KW 20KVA / 14KW
Input Voltage Range 304 ± 5VAC ~ 478 ± 5VAC
Frequency 46 ~ 54Hz ± 0.5Hz OR 56 ~ 64Hz ± 0.5Hz auto sensing
Phase Three phase
Power Factor ≥ 0.95
Output Voltage 220VAC ± 1%
Frequency 50/60Hz ± 0.2%
Waveform Pure sine wave
Transfer Time Between AC Mode and Battery Mode: 0ms
Between AC Mode and Bypass Mode: 0ms
THD (linear load) ‹ 2%
THD (non-linear load) ‹ 6%
Overload Capability 105% ~ 130%, 10min turn to bypass mode,
› 130%, 1s turn to bypass mode
Crest Factor 3:1 (max)
Short Circuit Protection 5 cycles turn off inverter, no transfer to bypass, provide alarm (AC mode)
5 cycles turn off inverter, provide alarm (Battery mode)
Input fuse blown or breaker action (Bypass mode)
Efficiency ≥ 88%
Battery Model Sealed lead acid maintenance free
DC Voltage 240VDC
Configuration 20 × 12V/7AH External battery bank depends on
the external battery capacity
Backup Time 5 min
Charging Current 1A
Recharge Time 90% capacity after 8 hrs charging
Indication LCD Indication Input voltage/frequency, battery voltage, output voltage/frequency,
load watt/VA and percent, inverter temperature
Operation mode such as 'on line', 'on batt' or 'bypass'
LED Indication Green LED for normal operation
Yellow LED for warning condition
Red LED for abnormal operation
General Communication Interface RS232, SNMP (optional)
Parallel Port Parallel availability for redundancy and load sharing up to three units
Humidity 0% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Temperature 0 ~ 40°C
Noise Level ‹ 55dB
Altitude ‹ 1500m
Standard Unit Net/Gross Weight 95/109 Kg NA
Long Time Unit Net/Gross Weight 39/46 Kg 56/65 Kg
Unit Dimension (mm) 270 × 570 × 720
Packing Dimension 370 × 670 × 940

   Video Security
   Keyboard and mouse sets
   MP3/MP4 Players
   Network Music Systems
   USB Hubs
   Web Camera
   Wired Mouse
   Wireless Mouse
   Display Monitor
   Laptop Netbook
   NoteBook Essentials
   Power Backup
        • DC UPS
        • Inverter
        • Line Interactive UPS
        • Online UPS
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